Natalie hails from tiny town Saskatchewan where she spent most days reading books and writing down whatever came to mind. Singing was a regular thing in the household and as she got older she picked up the guitar so she had some accompaniment.

Busking was her way for the first bit: 2008-2011 Fringe Festival and then as mid 2011 came along, indoor venues were opening up its doors to welcome Natalie in. Armed with just her guitar, Natalie managed to win over the audience slowly but surely and released her pop/rock/folk debut EP "Try Being Yourself" in December, 2011 produced by Efren Pereira Jr. and Eli, For Short. Natalie filmed an episode of the local showcase show "Stripped Down", and she is currently in the Top 10 on the Reverbnation singer/songwriter chart for Saskatoon. She is enjoying radio play on CFCR and CBC Radio 3.

Natalie has recently added 2 band members to her live show, guitartist Ryan Lahoda, and percussionist Jessica Struck.


"The first thing that you should know about Natalie Struck is that she maybe short in height, but she is taking giant strides towards becoming bigger talent. The second thing, you should know is that she has no fear. She puts her heart and soul into belting out her music." Pearce Kilgour

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Did you know that Natalie also takes photographs? Check out Struck Photoon Facebook!